Back Peterhouse Graduate Studentships and Professors C H Lee & M Perutz Studentship 2024

The Governing Body of Peterhouse intends to award a number of Graduate Studentships, to be taken up in October 2024. Additionally, thanks to a generous donation for the Professors C H Lee & M Perutz Studentship, Peterhouse intends to award a graduate studentship to a female student studying for a PhD in Applied Medical Biotechnology, to be taken up in October 2024.

This competition closed at 5.00pm on Friday 5th January 2024. If you have a user account registered with this competition, please go to the My Account page to view your data.

Competition Details

Eligibility Requirements

  • In the competition for studentships to start in October 2024, the College will offer studentships ONLY for students undertaking doctoral degrees; students applying to do Masters degrees or other qualifications such as diplomas are ineligible to apply.
  • Please note that the studentship competition traditionally attracts a large number of applicants, and to be successful, applicants should be of the highest academic calibre. While we do not specify a threshold for eligibility, since academic systems and qualifications vary immensely internationally and we wish to attract candidates from around the world, applicants should generally have a first in all previous degrees (UK), a GPA of 3.75 or higher (USA), or be in the top 10% of their cohorts. If your credentials are not above the threshold specified above, you have a very small chance of being funded.
  • Please note that, in the interests of making our funds help more students achieve research training, we do not support a second PhD for applicants who already have a first PhD in a related field.
  • To be eligible for a Peterhouse studentship, you must be accepted as a graduate student by the University of Cambridge. So you must submit an application for admission to the University through the Board of Post-Graduate Admissions Office. Note that your application for a PhD is made to the University and not to Peterhouse. You must meet whatever criteria are specified by the University and the department to which you apply. You can make your application for Peterhouse Graduate Studentships at the same time as you are making your university application. If the University’s decision is still to be made and we award you a studentship, the award will be conditional upon your being admitted to the University.
  • Successful applicants must study at Peterhouse. In your University application for admission, you do not need to nominate Peterhouse as your preferred College, but if you are awarded and accept a Peterhouse studentship, you will have to change colleges to Peterhouse.
  • PhD students who have already started their doctoral studies are eligible only if they are already members of Peterhouse.
  • You need to make sure that the Faculty to which you apply also considers you for all University studentships for which you are eligible. You will find useful information on the University Graduate Funding page.
  • Students already in receipt of full funding (i.e. all University and College fees plus a maintenance grant equal to the AHRC's postgraduate award) are not eligible to apply for a Peterhouse studentship.
  • Applicants for the Professors C H Lee & M Perutz Studentship must be female graduate students studying for a PhD in the field of medical biotechnology. There is a strong preference for a low to middle income candidate from a historically underdeveloped country, or from a background non-traditionally able to undertake a PhD within a developed country.

Application process

  • Applications must be made online on this website.
  • To apply for a studentship, you must submit the details of your CV and Academic Transcripts and a short (600 words maximum) statement of your research interests. You may repeat here whatever information is required by the department or faculty to which you have applied.
  • If the department or faculty requires you to submit a piece of written work, then you must submit this too with your Peterhouse application.
  • Applicants are required to inform Peterhouse when they have been accepted (conditionally or unconditionally) by the University of Cambridge. Only students who have met the conditions required by the University will be able to take up a Peterhouse studentship.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to inform Peterhouse if they have been awarded any other grant, of whatever value. We wish to use our available funding to help as many students as possible study at Cambridge, so if you are awarded other studentship funding, you must let us know.
  • Candidates must provide details for two referees who have agreed to submit a reference through the website. The referees should be familiar with your work and can be the same that were nominated on the University graduate application form.
  • The application as well as two referees' references must be submitted online by 5.00pm on Friday 5th January 2024.

Studentship Details

  • Studentships will be held for 3 years.
  • The value of the studentships will depend on whether students are in receipt of other grants. If a successful applicant has no funding from other sources, then their studentship will cover University and College fees (at home/EU or overseas rates) and maintenance at the same level as the Arts and Humanities Research Council awards (currently £18,622 per year for doctoral students). This is what is meant by 'full funding'.
  • Successful applicants who have grants from other sources will receive some proportion of full funding to ensure they are able to study here.

Application Timetable

  • The application process begins on Friday 24th November 2023.
  • The application and two references must be submitted through the website by 5.00pm on Friday 5th January 2024. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Successful candidates will be notified by 9th April 2024.
  • Successful candidates will take up their awards at the beginning of the academic year 2024 - 2025.

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